WellTree Poetry




A WellTree bears fruit

When fed by living water

And rooted in truth



Sock Meets Truck, a Haiku


Sock upon the wind

No foot, no shoe, no friend

Then, you, dressed in red

Instrumental Instruments


Guitars on a wall
Markers instrumental in
Telling our story



“#” is Two Syllables, a Haiku

Like Father, like son
Tiny fingers on the keys
Dad’s of Instagram



Personal Excavation


A rediscovery of 
Who I’m made to be


Suitable Substitute


Slow motion snowfall 
A January beauty
Filling in for spring



State of the State


Christmas is over
You’re drunk, Wisconsin. Go home.
Enough is enough



Awake, Before You


You are someone else
In the rising rays of sun
We will meet again



Acer Saccharinum


Leafless, reaching high
Waiting for returning sun
Always looking up 



Winter Break


Bright and sunny day
Lifting sad, frozen spirits
Winter oasis



Latitude & Longitude


The place where we met

A tiny spark ignited

Now an endless flame

Allergy Season


Cottonwoods in bloom

Floating, dancing little seeds

So many sneezes



I Never Heard them Popping ‘Til There Was You


The breeze is blowing

The sun shines on the pine cones

And they pop like corn



About a “Friend”


Grumpy Mama Bird
Surrounded by snow and ice
Abandoned by spring



Precious Moments


Flash photography 
In the dark room as you sleep 
Paparazzi Mom



Shadow Play


Detached garage light
Detecting motion at night
Contrast in the snow 

True Friend, A Haiku

I see heaviness
Upon your once green branches
I’ll help bear the load

Other Styles


Faith is believing that

inside the stone

Though it's not been exposed

A geode has grown

And cracking it open is

The only way to know

But then it is broken

And can no longer grow

Ghost of a Memory

I used to see them

Or - at least I think I did

An active imagination


They aren't spooky

Not all of them

But in the deep, dark black of night

A shadow

Or a light

A familiar face

No longer alive

A chill or a hand

Heavy on your back

A comfort


An active imagination

I used to see them

Or - I think I did

ALL Dogs Go to Heaven




A new family

A new vet

A new bed

But I've "been damaged"

I'm broken but not house-broken





Another new family

Another new vet

Another new bed

But I "don't listen"

I can't trust and "can't be trusted"


No rescue

No adoption

Another new vet

Because I "crossed a line"

I'm fearful and I'm feared

No abandonment

No rescue

No adoption

Water Bot

I wish I was free flowing

A river

But I'm not

I'm mechanical, programmable

If only I could pour out my emotions

A spigot

But I can't

I have motion but not emotion

I wish that I could soak it all

A swim

But I won't

I'm not created to be saturated

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