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Holiday Safety Tips

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

holiday safety tips for the busy mama
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christmas list

The holidays are right around the corner.


We are all frantically making lists; grocery lists, Christmas lists, to do lists…the listing goes on and on. (See what I did there?)  There’s so much to think about that it’s easy to get caught up in the high energy and the tradition of it all and neglect to think about the safety of our littlest family members. So, I’m going to share one more list with you all to make your holidays a little bit easier and a little bit safer. 

christmas light safety

1. Lights. “Look with your eyes, not with your hands.”

Most decorative holiday lights are cool-to-the-touch LEDs. But it is still a good idea discourage touching. In fact, the whole "don't touch" adage should probably be applied to all delicate (glass) or dangerous (sharp) holiday décor. With younger children, keep any precious decorations up high and out of reach.

cooking with kids kitchen safety

2. The oven/stove. “Hot! Don’t touch!”

The holidays often mean that there's a lot of cooking and baking going on, which means hot stoves and ovens. With young children, it's best to encourage a blanket hands-off policy. With older children, however, you can use this time of year as an opportunity to teach them how to navigate the kitchen safely, as well as making precious memories while baking cookies or quiche together.

prevent fire hazards

3. Prevent Fire Hazards

Again, most lighting has become much safer over the years. But there are still opportunities for fire hazards in overloaded electrical outlets, under watered trees, and unattended candles or fireplaces. Keep those matches/lighters up high and out of reach! Make your children the official fire marshals of your house, and have them help make a family fire safety plan. Come up with a plan for what to do in case of a fire, where to go, and who to call. 

4. Remember Food Sensitivities

Especially at school and at friends' houses, your child is likely to be tempted by a wealth of goodies. If your child has any food allergies - peanuts, eggs, gluten, dairy, etc. Take the time to remind them of that fact, and give them options that they can focus on. If the allergy is severe enough, be sure they always have epinephrine or some other recovery medicine with them, in case they mistakenly eat a food containing their allergen.

5. Dress Appropriately for the Weather

This probably goes without saying. But winter weather can change on a dime. So, if your kids go outside to play, of course they will want to have a coat with them. But also make sure they bring along gloves, a hat, scarf, etc. to protect themselves should they encounter snow or a cold wind.

6. Know Where They Are and Who is with Them

With the proliferation of gatherings that pop up during the holidays, it's very likely that your older children will have their own events to attend without you. Make it a policy to have them call or text about where they are. And if you want to make sure your kids are safe, you can do an online people search on other parents or neighbors to verify there's nothing criminal or otherwise troublesome that raises concern. This may seem extreme but 60% of children who are sexually abused, have been so by someone in their social circle. Make it your business to know who is in that circle and what sort of background they have.

Keep these safety tips in mind, and enjoy a merry, bright, and blessed holiday season.

<3 WellTree Mama

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